Miles & miles of IBS

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John and I are fresh off the plane ride home from a whirlwind of a week down in Orlando where we attended the International Builder’s Show [IBS] and honestly I dont think I’ve put that many miles on a pair of shoes ever. If you haven’t already, check out John’s recap of the first day of the show. Here are some of the things I found most interesting, and as for me, I’m ready to go back to work running no-heat calls and a boiler change out. I’m thinking it will be like a vacation in comparison to IBS!

I also want to give a shout out to all the awesome friends of ours from Instagram, many who we met for the first time in person in Orlando. The Fine Home Building #keepcraftalive IG meet-up was phenomenal!

The Ultimate meeting!

The after parties aren’t always all business as you might imagine but this one was truly a pleasure. The star of This Old House, Kevin O’Connor is an even nicer guy than you think. Meeting him and spending time talking about the trades, the show and all the great guys on the show was really cool.

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This isn’t your typical shower rough-in or finish!

Dig deep, the tools were there too!

On/Off Road. How about a 4×4 Service Van?

New Boiler?

New Hydronic Tech coming to the US

 Of course these are just some of the highlights of the show from my perspective. We will be on the road again soon for the AHR Expo in Chicago. Please if you haven’t already follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates from the show and be sure to tune in for the occasional live stream!

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