Lennox Residential Expands Ultra-Low Emissions Furnace Line

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Lennox expanded its ultra-low emissions gas furnace line that meets new California state regulations for emission reduction, saving homeowners and contractors energy and money. Lennox developed four furnaces – the SL297NVSL280NVEL195NE and EL180NE – to comply with California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District’s (SCAQMD) Rule 1111 and San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s (SJVAPCD) Ultra-Low NOx Rule 4905, both requiring reduced nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.

Made up of reactive gases that form ground-level ozone, NOx emissions are a key contributor to California’s air pollution. NOx increases respiratory problems by inflaming the lining of the lungs, and can also have a negative effect on vegetation.

As of Oct. 1California residents living within the areas impacted by the SCAQMD regulation are required to install an ultra-low emissions furnace. Residents living in areas impacted by the SJVAPCD ruling can pay a fee up to $400 and must comply by March 30, 2020. To see which regulations you must comply to, please visit https://www.lennox.com/landing/low-nox.

“We engineered the Lennox ultra-low emissions furnace line so that California residents can have perfect air inside the home, save energy and help the environment, all while avoiding a fee,” said Eric Zito, Director of Product Management – Heating at Lennox Residential. “Not only was Lennox the first company to introduce an ultra-low emissions gas furnace into the market, we now offer four compliant furnaces so homeowners can choose the product that best fits their level of comfort and lifestyle.”

In 2017, Lennox introduced the SL280NV Variable-Speed, Ultra-Low Emissions Gas Furnace, the first ever ultra-low NOx gas furnace available to consumers. In 2018, Lennox introduced the award-winning SL297NV Variable-Speed, Ultra-Low Emissions Gas Furnace and the EL195NE Ultra-Low Emissions Gas Furnace. Continuing the upward trajectory this year, Lennox expanded its ultra-low emissions line to include the EL180NE Ultra-Low Emissions Gas Furnace.

Lennox engineered its line of ultra-low emissions gas furnaces to ensure California is on the path to healthier, cleaner air and its residents live in perfect comfort while upholding emission standards. To find out more about Lennox’ solutions to California’s new regulations, please visit https://www.lennox.com/landing/low-nox.

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