Green Industries Are Taking Center Stage

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Advanced green building solutions, which include materials that are safer to use and more environmentally friendly, benefit not only the end customer, but also those involved in the construction work. Those who want to be a part of the future, need to know them right now. Companies need to be organized and prepared for the future. When you consider warehouse organization and layout is deceptively complex, so you need to ensure that you have enough space for your business needs as the green industrial revolution continues- new materials, new equipment will all be key.

Anyone who thought the green approach was a passing fad has discovered in recent years that this is a trend that has no intention of disappearing. Environmental awareness is intensifying and with it come solutions and tools designed to preserve the environment for us and for future generations. The construction industry has played a significant part in the success of this trend, and the term “green construction” is becoming commonplace in the mouths of customers and suppliers alike. Green construction is an approach designed to create a healthier living, working and living environment through the use of non-toxic materials and energy and resource savings, while minimizing the damage caused by manufacturing and transportation processes. The impact of green construction, which begins at the project planning stage and applies to field personnel and the end customer alike, is reflected in the reduction of the carbon footprint and the creation of advanced alternatives to a variety of materials, processes and approaches in the construction industry.

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In order to ensure uniformity and compliance with the conditions that define a product or service as green, an international standard is being developed, and in fact starting in 2021, the green building standard will become mandatory in many countries. This means that standards and certifications such as green mark, LEED (American certification, which meets green accrual points), LCA (life cycle assessment, which is an assessment of the degree of impact the product or process has on the environment) and others will become mandatory for all construction workers.

A.C. Advanced construction technologies, which provide a wide range of advanced solutions to the construction industry, are working to implement the green approach in the industry even before these standards have become mandatory. The company believes in green construction and the good it brings to the environment, work implementers and all people, and in recent years has increased its activity in the field and expanded its line of green products. The solutions that the company offers, in areas such as sealing, finishing materials, industrial floor coverings, restoration materials, concrete repair and protection and more, express technological innovation, and ensure savings in time, labor and other resources, while maintaining high quality and meeting the most stringent standards. 

Green in all colors is the future

The idea behind these new green products is to create advanced and groundbreaking alternatives for the construction industry, with the aim of enabling green construction while maintaining a high and uncompromising construction standard. Be part of the global revolution because it is leading the construction industry in 2021 and there are many industries that are looking into this for the future, including certain airports and car manufacturers. By using sustainable buildings for the future, it allows long term costs to be cut and the future of the planet can be saved. 

Green construction is also light construction. Simple methods of thermal insulation for roofs and windows, maximum utilization of wastewater, use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind along with reducing construction and maintenance costs. This is as a result of in-depth research done in recent years by engineers and green bodies. Compliance with the standard for green construction, allows your home to save about 30% in energy consumption, about 75% in water consumption, recycling construction waste and preserving the quality of the building’s surface. This advanced construction is the future of the construction world. More and more standards related to green building are being enacted into law, public awareness is rising, demand is expected to grow and it is to be hoped that one day the government will also recognize the environmental need for smart construction and subsidize it. It can bring about future jobs, and create a better future for the construction industry. As more and more people follow suit, we will see a huge shift over the next couple of years, for more and more businesses within the industry to become more sustainable. 

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