Common Hazards In Construction & How To Deal With Them Safely

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Construction is one of the more dangerous industries to work in when it comes to health and safety. However, just because we often work with heavy machinery, at height, and in other potentially dangerous situations, it doesn’t mean that we can’t operate safely. Indeed, by being educated about the most common hazards in construction and how to deal with them we can do just that.  

Working at height 

Working at height is one of the most common hazards there is in construction. However, there are tactics that you can use to make working at height as safe as possible

The first of these is to ensure that employees always use the correct safety equipment such as a harness when working at height. Also, providing proper and thorough training for anyone expected to work at height is vital to ensure the risk of falls and accidents is minimized. 

Heavy machinery

There is usually plenty of heavy machinery to be found on a construction site. Of course, such equipment is an obvious risk to health and safety if it is not handled correctly. 

With that in mind, be sure to train any employee that is expected to operate such a machine. You will also need to provide PPE such as a helmet, gloves, and steel toes boots, and sufficient signage to warn other workers of the presence of heavy machinery is also crucial. 


While many construction jobs will not include having to safely deal with biohazards, some such as renovating or converting medical facilities might. 

Indeed, when dealing with medical waste there can be many items that you would not want your workers to touch or engage with including used syringes. 

Of course, the best thing in this situation is to opt for Bio Hazardous Waste Pickup by a specialist company. In fact, by having a qualified and experienced disposition of such waste for you, you not only help to keep your workers safe but also perform your due diligence concerning safe construction as well. 


Asbestos is another common hazard that those in construction can run across. The problem with asbestos is that it has been linked with fatal diseases such as cancer, and it is also difficult to know whether it is present in a property or not. 

Despite being a naturally occurring substance, contact with asbestos is bad news indeed. This is because the fibers it is made of can be breathed in and cause diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and pleural thickening.

The best way to deal with asbestos in any construction project is to test for it before you begin. Employees also need to be trained on how to spot it and what to do if they find any. 

Then if the building you are working on is found to contain asbestos, using a qualified specialist that has access to proper rebreather suits and tenting to remove it is vital. The reason being that this stops any of the fibers from getting into the air, and from being breathed in by anyone working in the vicinity. 

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