Bosch Thermotechnology Introduces Two Additions to Its Electric Tankless Water Heater Lineup

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Bosch’s new Tronic 4000 C and Tronic 6100 C bring new levels of efficiency to on-demand hot water

Bosch Thermotechnology, a leading global source of high-quality heating, cooling and hot water systems, introduced today two new innovative members of its electric tankless water heater family: Tronic 4000 C for point-of-use, under-sink installations and the new Tronic 6100 C for whole-house applications. Both products deliver 100% electric, high-efficiency on-demand hot water with a compact design for significant energy and space savings.

“All-electric, on-demand hot water is in high demand for both consumer and commercial applications,” said Victoria Otto, product manager at Bosch Thermotechnology North America. “The Tronic 4000 C replaces previous models with a completely redesigned housing packed with new features and a tiny footprint so it can be installed out of sight under practically any sink. The Tronic 6100 C has a sleek, modern design that swaps out analog nobs with an LED screen and clean, intuitive touch buttons for temperature. This product comfortably delivers enough hygienic hot water even for large homes.”

Tronic 4000 C

The Tronic 4000 C is one of the smallest yet most energy-efficient electric tankless water heaters on the market today. At only 8.5” X 13” and only 4.4 lbs., it can be wall-mounted directly under the sink, and because it runs on electricity and doesn’t hold water, there is no venting and virtually no maintenance required. The Tronic 4000 C comes in four model options: 3.5 kW, 6.5 kW, 8.5 kW and 10.5 kW, delivering up to 96 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) ratings.

With significant energy and space savings, this tankless water heater delivers for point-of-use applications from residential to light commercial. Although tiny, its powerful output makes the Tronic 4000 C ideal for use in homes, cabins, newly remodeled spaces and more as well as office buildings/break rooms, apartments, warehouses and even stadiums with sinks that are either not in use or in bursts of high demand, such as during an event.

Tronic 6100 C

The Tronic 6100 C provides on-demand hot water for the entire home. With the debut of the Tronic 6100 C, Bosch combines the energy savings and convenience of tankless water heaters with a beautifully streamlined, easy-to-install, compact and lightweight form factor. The stainless-steel canister inside the unit heats up the water but does not store water like a traditional tank water heater, which makes for a much more hygienic system. It also uses technology with modulating elements that ensure a constant output temperature. This means regardless of whether the water that comes into the house is near freezing in the winter or simply cool in the summer, the temperature that comes out will always be consistent with the homeowners’ desires.

The Tronic 6100 C takes up very little space with measurements of 13 ¼” X 20 ¼” and comes with 3/4″ NPT fittings for both cold and hot water connections, making it easy to install in place of outdated tank water heaters. It delivers an impressive 95% efficiency with no stand-by loss, so no water or electricity goes to waste.

Both new products offer Bosch’s 5-year warranty. For more information and complete warranty details, please visit

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