Bosch Thermotechnology Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) Light

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Bosch’s new, extremely quiet IDS Light is the only 15-SEER inverter condenser solution on the market

Bosch ThermotechnologyBosch Thermotechnology, Inverter Ducted Split, IDS, HVAC, energy efficiency introduces a new addition to its Inverter Ducted Split (IDS) family: IDS Light. Coming to market this summer, the new solution features state-of-the-art technology to precisely match the constantly changing heating and cooling needs of residential applications.

“Bosch Thermotechnology is thrilled to extend our lineup of IDS products with the unveiling of our new IDS Light this year,” says Katelyn Woodling, Manager of Product Management for Bosch Thermotechnology North America. “The new IDS Light is a game-changing solution for the industry, offering Bosch’s inverter compressor technology in a product in the below 16 SEER market at an unbeatable price. It’s a win-win for both homeowners and contractors.”

With the debut of the new IDS Light, Bosch brings the consistency and comfort of inverter technology to a 15-SEER product. As the only 15-SEER inverter condenser solution on the market, IDS Light delivers the steady energy use and minimal noise expected of an IDS system at a price point customers will love. IDS Light combines the efficient and reliable BOVA15 outdoor inverter condensing section with the robust BVA15 fixed-speed air handler for a simple and cost-effective solution.

While conventional heat pumps frequently cycle on and off resulting in temperature fluctuations, the new IDS Light’s inverter-driven heat pump self-adjusts, providing the ultimate comfort with consistent room temperature. Its boosted compressor speed allows for quicker, smoother and more efficient heating and cooling, with a modulating inverter system that delivers only the amount of hot or cool needed to achieve a desired temperature. The high-efficiency variable capacity inverter compressor in the Bosch BOVA15 can adjust to any speed between 33 percent and 110 percent (in 1 percent increments), to perfectly cool and heat your home using minimal energy for maximum comfort. The condensing units come standard with an electronic expansion valve (EEV) to ensure proper refrigerant flow during all conditions to optimize the unit’s operation to the highest efficiency possible. The direct-drive fan blades provide vortex suppression to reduce the sound of airflow exiting the condensing section, which results in sound levels as low as 59 dBA.

Further, IDS Light utilizes Bosch’s BVA15 air handler with foil-faced insulation material to decrease energy loss and condensation, which accommodates electric heat with no modification to the galvanized steel cabinet. Its fully aluminum coil produces excellent heat transfer, efficiency, and humidity removal, with higher durability and a lower chance of refrigerant leakage compared to typical copper coils. The IDS Light outdoor unit is available in 24k, 36k and 60k BTU capacity.

IDS Light will be available to the market by end of summer 2022. For more information about Bosch Thermotechnology, visit