You still doing that blog thing?

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Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 8.39.49 PMRecently, I was at an event where I ran into a media colleague from the building sector—in the bathroom of all places—and he asked me if I was “still doing that blog thing.” I thought about it for a second and, considering we just finished a brief conversation about his job change, I found it a bit ironic that he would be asking me this. Maybe ironic is not the right choice of words; perhaps ignorance is.

You see, Eric Aune and I started Mechanical Hub in 2012, and he we haven’t looked back. Industry veteran Tim Ward joined us on our journey not long after the launch and the three of us have crafted this niche in the digital space. Mechanical Hub is a commitment we’ve made to our audience, our partners and, frankly, ourselves. Our experience between the three of us spans more than 50 years, and “we ain’t going nowhere.”

Ok, we do have blogs on the site but the Hub is much more than just a blog — we post feature stories, new product and tool reviews, professional videos, and the latest news, trends and technology from across this great industry. Couple that with our strong social media presence where we take pride in our engagement and interaction with fellow contractors, and we think we’ve found a good formula to connect with our target audience.

And, we like to have fun along the way — a little levity is always a good thing. The proof is in the numbers: The site continues to grow every year metric-wise and the thousands of Likes, Followers and Instagram junkies, for example, is a testament that we must be doing something right.

For nearly five years, this “blog thing” has taken us across the world and everywhere in between to allow us to share our experiences and to help educate and enlighten our audience about industry events, jobsite visits with you the contractor, and visits with our manufacturing friends.

To me, it has always been about relationships and connecting with people. The three of us have made our “home” in this proud industry and it has reciprocated our love for it. We continue our mission to be the best, most reliable digital resource for today’s busy contractors. No jumping around or leaving positions here — steady as she goes, just forging ahead to shine a positive light on the plumbing and HVAC industry.

And to anyone who thinks that this is just “a blog thing,” visit regularly, engage with us, and you’ll see it’s much more than that — it’s our life. Each and everyone of us should take pride in our work, and at Mechanical Hub, we certainly do.

We hope you like what we’re doing and you continue to follow us on our journey. And, we have some exciting things to share in the near future!

Oh, and if you have suggestions on what you’d like to see more of, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

All the best,


jm_picxJohn Mesenbrink is president and partner of Mechanical Hub. He can be reached at

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