With digital sales rising, U.S. manufacturers focus on ecommerce during COVID-19

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With digital sales rising, U.S. manufacturers focus on ecommerce during COVID-19

Digital Commerce 360’s new 2020 B2B Manufacturing Report shares data and analysis on how U.S manufacturers have fared under a lagging economy, ongoing trade wars, the threat of  a recession and the impact of an election year. It also reports on industry shifts in response to COVID-19 and disrupted supply chains, reduced production and other challenges, as well as on the opportunities in a changing B2B landscape.

U.S. manufacturers generated record business-to-business ecommerce sales in 2019, growing their combined web sales by about 21% to $430.0 billion, according to the 2020 B2B Manufacturing Report, a newly released research report from Digital Commerce 360.

But then came the global COVID-19 pandemic. In seemingly just a few months, the coronavirus shut down big portions of the $21 trillion U.S. economy and forever changed the course of B2B ecommerce and manufacturing. Many businesses had to adapt to a new way of trading as well as manufacturing. Amid the global pandemic, some companies were allowed to trade where others weren’t. This was to ensure essential services continued and people had what they needed to survive. Many industries re-opened later on, which led to a steady incline of the economy. Various businesses had to find alternative methods to distribute and sell products, and that’s when even Plastic Fabrication products were being sold online. Ecommerce has taken the world completely by storm, and many industries quickly realized the potential in shifting.

The emergence of COVID-19 on top of existing challenges is accelerating the pace of B2B ecommerce, creating digital winners and losers among manufacturers in its wake. The manufacturers who win will do so by finding the new opportunities in that shift, according to the 2020 B2B Manufacturing Report.

The newly published 2020 B2B Manufacturing Report includes in-depth data and analysis on the present and future trends that impact manufacturing and B2B ecommerce.

Key highlights include:

  • An overview of current challenges facing U.S. manufacturers because of COVID-19 and examples of success strategies to overcome them
  • Insights on the new purchasing behavior of business buyers
  • Six (6) detailed case studies on how manufacturers such as Dell and Unilever are pivoting to prioritize ecommerce
  • A manufacturer’s playbook for dealing with COVID-19 and finding new business opportunities online
  • Commentary and advice from top B2B consultants

The 2020 B2B Manufacturing Report provides the entire industry a chance to read the scorecard, update their digital strategies, and expand in ecommerce in a big way—or get left behind.