Watts SmartStream® UV disinfection solution

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SmartStream_Family_UV_SeriesWatts introduced SmartStream® UV, an innovative new solution for ultraviolet water disinfection in residential and commercial applications.

SmartStream provides several advanced capabilities, including automatic lamp dimming, which promotes energy savings, and automatic lamp identification (wireless RFID), which ensures correct lamp energy management to maximize lamp output. Its touchscreen display significantly enhances usability.

The system has a small footprint, which eases installation. Applications include drinking water, agriculture, aquaculture, hospitals, laboratories, residential, dairies, electronics/semiconductors, food and beverage, breweries and bottling plants.

SmartStream is designed and assembled in the U.S.A., exclusively by Watts and can be combined with other Watts water quality products for complete solutions.

To learn more, please visit go.watts.com/SmartStreamUV.

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