Watts Launches New Performance Monitoring for Select Backflow Preventers

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Watts’, experience, knowledge, and a clear understanding of customer needs is manifested in their latest advancement in backflow prevention. Smart and Connected Performance Monitoring with SentryPlus Alert® technology for building management systems is now available on the IOT model of Series 007 and Series 709 backflow preventers.

Activated with the BMS Monitoring Connection Kit, sensors integrated on assembly test cocks measure pressure at an incredible 4 times per second. From this continuous data stream, users can retrieve and evaluate measurements on their own timetable, gaining valuable insight into system performance. While this connection offers a window into performance metrics, it can also add advanced warning of potential problems. From tracking performance over time, to anticipating maintenance needs, SentryPlus Alert ® monitoring effectively renders awaiting data from annual inspection reports a thing of the past.

SentryPlus Alert ® Technology keeps users informed with performance monitoring that ensures assembly systems are working efficiently every day of the year.

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