U.S. Boiler Company Introduces the Alta Gas-Adaptive Combi Boiler

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U.S. Boiler Company has released the new Alta Combi boiler, the industry’s first and only gas-adaptive combi boiler with 10:1 turndown.

The all-new Alta Combi high efficiency condensing boiler offers best in class, next-generation gas adaptive technology that provides the shortest installation time and lowest operating costs. The powerful gas-adaptive technology offers true “no touch” combustion setup. There are no manual throttle or offset adjustments. Engineered for five-minute start-up, the boiler’s control system provides continuous, automatic self-calibration of burner combustion by adapting to component wear, variations in fuel, environment, and vent air pressure to provide safe, efficient, and clean combustion at all times.

Converting from natural gas to LP is simple. No additional parts or conversion kits are needed. The Alta also includes a sensor-less reset, which performs the functions of a conventional outdoor reset without the need to install an outside sensor.

Domestic hot water response time is virtually instantaneous. Domestic hot water temperatures are maintained under all demand conditions, and the unit’s DHW recirculation system can be set to either economy or comfort mode.

At 95% AFUE, The Alta Combi is currently available with 136 MBH DHW input (3.7 GPM) / 120 MBH heating input. However, stay tuned! U.S. Boiler Company will be releasing a larger Alta Combi boiler (200 MBH DHW / 150 heating) and numerous heating-only Alta models (80, 120, 150 and 180 MBH) later this year.

Each Alta comes with value-added components and features, including an AltaFastPipe primary/secondary piping assembly, lift-away front and side panels for three-sided access, boiler flow safety switch (UL353) and display indicator, ProPress compatibility and a five-year parts warranty.

For more information, please visit www.usboiler.net

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