Things To Consider Before Starting A Project

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It is an exciting time in any business’s development, that moment you realize the time has come to expand and build new offices, sites, or premises. Now, we certainly don’t want to squelch your ambitions, and we’re thrilled that your company is growing, but to make sure that you take on this challenge with the right amount of realism, we have a few things that you need to think about first.

Plan, Organize, Lead, and Controlling (POLC)

This management principle has been around for ages. It’s one of those that ring as true now as it ever has because it is grounded in the solid elements of any project plan or management plan of action. Before you even think about your construction plan, you’ll need to formulate the program that will govern everything else, and using these principles will get you there.

Sound Financial Planning

It is always a good idea to revisit all of the principles that we’re going to discuss in this post, and while not all of them seem groundbreaking to you, they’re well worth revisiting. (Because they work) and of all the tried and tested principles of construction planning, this has got to be one of the singular most important – financial planning. There are far too many businesses who fail at their expansion projects or, worse, fail as an entity because they didn’t fully embrace change management and what it means for their particular enterprises.  

American businesses are particularly aggressive, and it’s part of why we remain the world leaders in industry and commerce. Still, it’s that same aggression and lust for performance that has driven so many potential success stories into the pages of oblivion. There is no shortcut around it; a solid, intelligent, and managed financial plan is beyond critical.

Know Limitations

It makes perfect sense to look into Construction management companies to take on your construction or remodeling projects; in fact, in 99% of cases, we’d suggest it’s the only sound option for you. Think about it this way, a construction company isn’t going to tell you how to run your business, are they? Did you know that critical staff shortages exist within the construction industry? So if the experts are battling to find the right amount of staff with the right skills, imagine how that would impact you if you tried to take on this project personally?

Dream Big but Plan for Somewhere in Between

We get it, you want that high rise with a corner office and a view, but there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not there…yet, so keep your dreams in mind when speaking to your architect but know what it is you’re really going after before you even make that call and make sure that you have your partners around you (and all are in agreement) before you even do that. 

These are exciting times for business, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the construction industry, so if you have expansion or remodeling plans on your whiteboard for the near future, bear this in mind because of all the best-laid plans of mice and men, nothing will kill your ambition more (or blitz your budget faster) than stalled construction projects brought about by lack of planning.

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