Tapcon Delivers the Next Generation of Concrete Screw Anchors

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Tapcon, the original inventor of blue concrete screw anchors is proud to introduce the next generation of the industry’s most trusted concrete fastener. The newly engineered design delivers superior productivity through fast installation and less downtime.

“Tapcon is today’s most used and trusted concrete anchoring system as a result of our close attention to our pro customers.  Our most recent research points out a desire for anchors that minimize re-work and deliver jobsite productivity,” Said Adam Myers, Tapcon Product Manager. “Currently, end users expect one in five threaded anchors to fail due to head snaps or spin outs during installation.”

To further improve speed of installation, Tapcon is also shifting from Phillips to a Star flat head. “Additionally, users have shared that the Phillips recess on flat head anchors cause bit slips resulting in a lack of productivity. With Tapcon’s new features, we address these key end user pain points in installation failure.” Myers added.

Tapcon Star Flat Head

The new Tapcon Star Head recess helps eliminate bit slip during installation. With six points of contact between the bit and the anchor, users can be confident in increased productivity, especially in high torque applications where Phillips bits are prone to slipping. The Tapcon Star Flat Head anchor is also stamped with the Tapcon name, providing assurance that the anchor is a genuine Tapcon. The new Star Flat Head anchors come with a color-coded star drive bit in all large 75 pack and bucket offerings.  This includes the T-25 Star bit for 3/16” diameter and T30 for ¼” anchors.  Bits are also sold separately and include in our updated Tapcon Pro Installation Kit.

Tapcon Hex Head

The Tapcon Hex Head concrete screw anchor features new underhead ribs that resist anchor spin outs and head snaps during installation. The underhead ribs limit over-torqueing of the anchor during installation, reducing re-work and increasing productivity.

Both the Star Flat Head and Hex Head Tapcon anchors feature a unique thread design to provide reduced installation torque and a consistent drive across all concrete and masonry substrates. In addition, Tapcon’s ClimasealTM corrosion resistant coating provides long-lasting quality and durability on the job.

Tapcon next generation screw anchors are available in 3/16” and ¼” diameters in key sizes for most concrete fastening applications from 1-1/4” to 4” in length. They are available in a wide variety of small, medium, and large pack counts along with even larger buckets to allow pros to by in quantities they need for the job.  Tapcon screw anchors are also available in a White Ultrashield™, Gray Maxiset™ and 410 Stainless Steel offerings.

The next generation Tapcon concrete screw anchors are available at major home improvement retailers, lumberyards, and specialty tool and fastener dealers. To learn more, visit https://www.tapcon.com.

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