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ClayI firmly believe that people are never too old to immerse themselves in unfamiliar territory and pick up a new trade. However, to do so successfully requires hard work, discipline, practice and a commitment to life-long learning. Education plays a critical role in succeeding as a professional in any line of business, particularly one as vast, complex and continuously evolving as the HVACR industry.

The industry professionals attending January’s AHR Expo in Orlando, whether contractors or engineers, distributors or manufacturers, will be stepping into one of the world’s largest HVACR marketplaces. A basic knowledge of the industry, at the very least, is necessary to truly appreciate the thousands of exhibiting companies displaying their newest and most innovative products and technologies.

While the majority of show attendees have an advanced degree or various levels of technical training, many concentrate their expertise on one facet of the expansive HVACR industry. As such, the AHR Expo offers a myriad of educational opportunities covering a range of subject matter to further enhance the value of attending.

The AHR Expo’s education program aims to introduce new practices, solutions and strategies to attendees in a mix of free seminars, exhibitor new product and technology presentations, courses and exams. The free sessions cover a range of topics from how to commission an economizer, to cyber security measures for intelligent buildings, to the latest advancements in China’s indoor air quality market. I hope our guests will use this as an occasion to step outside of their comfort zones and discover unfamiliar aspects of this vast industry.

It is also my hope that visitors will take advantage of our paid programs, geared toward continuing education in specific concentrations. No matter how well someone knows his or her trade, there is always more to be learned. Added benefits of attending the AHR Expo include the opportunities to participate in ASHRAE Learning Institute courses and complete certification exams onsite with ample time remaining to walk the show floor.

And speaking of walking the show floor, we like to think our education program doesn’t stop at the seminar doors, but rather extends to the entire space. Being exposed to new products and processes and interacting with other industry professionals should also be viewed as important learning opportunities at the Show.

In the end, it has always been our goal to promote the professional growth of everyone who walks through our doors. The educational programs we put forth address the latest industry trends and provide in-depth insight into products, technologies and systems about which attendees may not previously have known, all in a classroom setting. I urge show visitors to participate in these seminars and courses, not only for the benefits of continuing education, but also in the hopes that they will leave Orlando having learned something new.

Clay Stevens is President of the International Exposition Company.

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