Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO, announces a new Pro-Pal® E-Tank Service Assembly. This patent-pending solution simplifies the installation and service of any hydronic expansion tank. Its forged brass design features isolation valves for the system, a dedicated drain valve, and a convenient union connection at the expansion tank to provide a greater degree of control Read more

NIBCO offers Webstone® Pro-Pal® Multi-Port Transition Tees that combine multiple components to save space and time. Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO, announces new Pro-Pal® Multi-Port Transition Tees. The Multi-Port is a compact alternative to installing gangs of tees. It combines multiple components to save space and time, with patented technology that suits a variety of Read more

The Pro-Pal® Add-A-Drain™ is a step-saving lead-free dezincification brass valve that makes it easy to install a capped hose connection to an appliance or the end of any line. Available in your choice of MIP, FIP, sweat, or press connections, in sizes ½” through 1½”. An alternative to traditional boiler drains, the Add-A-Drain features a Read more

NIBCO has launched a new and improved website, which includes a new design, better search functionality and easier and faster navigation, along with expanded features. The new platform integrates three NIBCO family brands, Webstone®, Sure Seal® and Chemtrol®, for a one-stop, seamless experience for users to quickly find exactly what they are looking for. It also provides Read more

When selecting your next Y-strainer, consider upgrading to the new Pro-Pal® Ball Drain Strainer™ from Webstone, a brand of NIBCO®.  Designed to protect the system against debris in the pipes, this patent-pending valve combines a Y-strainer, ball valve, and hi-flow hose drain. Its forged brass construction takes the place of eight individual components; eliminating assemblies Read more