From A remarkable sight unfolded on June 16, 2023 as a multitude of My Plumber Plus trucks lined Route 66 forming a powerful symbol of homage and respect to pioneering local businessman, R. Wendell Presgrave. The convoy, driven by My Plumber Plus plumbers, HVAC service experts and electricians, was a display of admiration and Read more

Finding his niche in the trades, with a last name of Vader, Justin Vader has the plumbing force behind him. As an underwater welder for eight years, Justin Vader (@vadertheplumber) traveled all across Ontario, Canada, for work. However, when his wife was pregnant with their second child, it was time to find something closer to Read more

A Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence honoree, Bob “Hot Rod” Rohr travels across the country as a trainer for Caleffi North America, sharing his 40+ years’ of experience as a plumbing, radiant heat and renewable energy contractor, all while bringing his rubber-to-the-road experiences to life. Be honest, do what you say you will do.  It’s that simple Read more