The world of contractors and the building industry has endured a rocky start to 2022. There’s a lot going on around the world that’s impacted things in a relatively negative way. If you’re currently running a business, don’t be surprised if you experience slower progress than usual. You’ve got lots of struggles to fight against Read more

Technology, and the advancement of technology, affect the mechanical industry in a pretty substantial way. Machines become more efficient, humans need to put less time into supervising machine lead tasks, and automation is getting better all of the time.  So, how will the field of mechanics and mechanical materials be further changed (for better or Read more

Despite the effects of the pandemic, the price of rebar continues to fall for much of the world. Data from China suggest that exports of steel and ferrous materials rose by almost 30 percent in January and February 2021, underscoring a return to relative supply chain normality. And this increase in supply is leading to Read more