Jay Peters

In 2006, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) asked over 11,000 of its subscribers to vote on the world’s greatest medical breakthrough since its inception issue in 1840. Imagine the successes in the field of health and safety over the last century and a half. The list is a pretty amazing inventory of accomplishments for the Read more

By Jay Peters, Principal Advisor, Codes and Standards International An interesting concept — and most people believe that’s the case — but is it a fact? In reality, the only real test that is effective has proven to be time itself. Many products have been introduced into buildings that were considered to be “the ultimate” building Read more

One of my all time favorite sayings used to hang on my wall and sparked me into action on those days I was dragging or feeling like I could put something off for another day. Although not exact, and citing from memory, it went something like this, “Every day in Africa, a gazelle wakes up Read more