Internet of Things

Technology, and the advancement of technology, affect the mechanical industry in a pretty substantial way. Machines become more efficient, humans need to put less time into supervising machine lead tasks, and automation is getting better all of the time.  So, how will the field of mechanics and mechanical materials be further changed (for better or Read more

It doesn’t seem so long ago we were fending off the “green” movement that was being force-fed into the vocab of working contractors. From green building to green technology, greenwashing was so prevalent that really the only “green” contractors were concerned with was the one they were chasing every day—a profit. But alas, a new Read more

Minneapolis — Through Daikin Applied’s annual ‘Ideas in Motion’ Roadshow, this spring contractors, specifying engineers and building owners at 18 stops around the country will receive live demonstrations -and educational sessions on the company’s new technology platform, Intelligent Equipment™, as well as participate in discussions with experts on what the Internet of Things means to Read more

Chicago — The HVAC Internet of Things (IoT) revolution has begun and Daikin Applied is showcasing the technology at AHR 2015 with hands-on demonstrations. During the show, Daikin Applied will reveal the future of HVAC technology with their new Intelligent Equipment™ platform incorporating IoT technology. Developed in collaboration with Intel and Wind River, this revolutionary Read more