HVAC systems

Michigan’s High Mountain Cannabis Co. mold and fungus prevention efforts lead to rich harvests Mold and fungus is one of the most pressing issues facing the North American cannabis growing industry. Fungus and molds, such as Botrytis, are leading causes of infections that can result in entire crop destruction and sometimes even force cannabis grow-op Read more

Engineer’s ERV static-plate enthalpy cores specification eliminates need for conventional defrost systems and saves city energy and maintenance costs The new $12 million Wasilla (Alaska) Police Station employs many innovative HVAC designs that will save the city energy and provide occupants with unprecedented indoor air quality (IAQ). The recently completed 20,000-square-foot building designed with aesthetic Read more

Homeowners in the United States are becoming more inclined to update their residences with the latest smart home technology. Smart homes are the homes of the future and come fully equipped with a range of interconnected devices to offer benefits to the average homeowner. Smart voice assistants, smart kitchen appliances, smart home security systems, and Read more