Housing Market

The Coronavirus, unrest in the Middle East, the impeachment process, and the presidential election later this year all have had or can have an effect on the markets and people’s confidence in the new year. From everything I’ve heard, the economy still continues trending up, albeit at a bit of a slower pace for 2020 Read more

This is part of a series on the global outlook for next year. The  previous report on the global 2020 outlook may be found here. The latest economic data and policy developments confirm that the US economy is not about to fall off a cliff. As we peek into the next decade, we believe a Read more

Radiant heating sales have always been tied to the remodeling and housing markets. After all, when you buy a new home, your first step is often to make it your own by remodeling. Often this remodeling will involve the replacement of a floor, which makes it a perfect opportunity to install floor heating. However, the Read more