Based on survey responses, the report covers how text messaging is being used in business communications today, predicts where the market is heading in the next 12 months, and explores what challenges and opportunities this creates for businesses. 70% of people say texting is the fastest way to reach them. That’s just one of the Read more

Something that every business needs to do as effectively as possible is to save money, and this is often more challenging than it first appears to be. For a construction business, this goal is going to be one of the main ones, and there are actually so many different ways that it can be approached Read more

Setting up a business involves a variety of different costs and expenditures that not everyone might be aware of when they begin a business venture. However, once you know what costs are involved, you can plan your budgets accordingly so that you’re being realistic with your expenses. While it’s a lot easier to set up Read more

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners is facing failure. When you’re on the right path to business ownership the last thing that you want to do is lose that. You have to choose to fail to learn in some cases, but you can easily get yourself caught in the belief that a Read more

When you first start hiring staff, you may find that it’s quite hard to keep them on board. Start ups tend to have a high staff turnover for a number of reasons. More often than not, a lot of the issues that employees find with working for a start up boil down to the business Read more