Ever thought about the chemistry between your local shop and its neighborhood? Whether it’s a cozy cafe or a sprawling corporation, there’s an intriguing, often glossed-over, tale of interaction with its local setting. Sure, businesses are here to make profits, but have you noticed how they quietly mesh with, and leave a mark on, their Read more

Diversity is a word thrown around quite a bit lately. But, what does it mean? Diversity is “the practice of including and involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.” The definition is clear. However, many wonder why diversity is imperative, particularly in a workplace Read more

OneWest, a nonprofit community development organization with a mission to elevate the city of Louisville through commercial development in West Louisville, has announced a new initiative to attract and support minority business owners in the construction industry. “The Plan Room” is a business accelerator specifically designed for Black and brown contractors and construction business owners. The Read more

A year on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many lessons learned for businesses across the world regarding the practices in place for situations such as this. The turn of events seemed to be completely unexpected, and the businesses which thrived were the ones who were quick to adapt to the Read more