Condensate Neutralizers

Responding to demand from the trade, NeutraSafe Corporation has begun offering their NSP-50 condensate pump base as a stand-alone product. The patent-pending base, which includes a tray and see-through lid containing NeutraSafe’s proprietary neutralization media sack, is an integral part of the NeutraSafe NSP-50 condensate neutralizing pump. This unit provides condensate neutralization and disposal for Read more

A highly efficient, environmentally friendly and safe system should be the outcome of all condensing appliance installations. The system is made up of many components and all must work together to achieve the goal of providing the end user with the best possible system. A high efficiency condensing appliance by itself does not mean a Read more

Neutra-Safe Corporation, based in Stoughton, Mass., has redesigned its four-inch, tube-style condensate neutralizers.  The high capacity neutralizers now include all the same features that make Neutra-Safe’s two-inch models so easy to install and service. Features of the new design include full opening integral union ends, bi-directional condensate flow,  ¾” Female NPT inlet/outlet tappings and ¾” Read more

More and more condensing gas fired appliances are being installed every day. This includes boilers, water heaters and furnaces. These appliances produce acidic condensate that will damage many materials. Many don’t understand how corrosive the condensate is. The pH of this condensate can range from 1.8 to 4.2 depending on the chemical makeup of the Read more

The Week in Review is a recap of the week — what’s trending, what’s breaking the internet on social, and what we’ve been up to. We’ll try our best to keep you up to date with the industry, social media and our travels. This past week the Mechanical Hub was at the 4th Annual Service World Read more