When you run a trade business, it’s important to understand that you’re in a very competitive market. There are many others who are offering similar services, and you’re going to want to make sure you have some kind of edge so that you can get enough clients for yourself. It wouldn’t be possible to completely Read more

article via “Hackers’ Email Schemes Have Cost Small Businesses More Than $1 Billion Hackers are using “corporate account takeover” tricks to prey on unsuspecting companies.” Online theft and hackers have been the source of multiple news headlines for years now and small businesses have taken a hit as of late. The article titled above Read more

Operating your business, paying the bills, bringing in new work and keeping employees happy are everyday labors of love for the small business owners. But admittedly all of these tasks are affected by cash on hand; sometimes there’s plenty of it, and other times…well, there’s not. Figuring out your cash rhythms while growing involves a Read more

A few years back I was struggling to find my way in the business of self-employment. I had been doing many things wrong and taking just every opportunity to screw things up even if I didn’t realize it at the time.  Spending money I thought I had or was planning on having once I got Read more