building materials

When buying new construction materials or renovating an existing structure, there are many factors to consider before the first nail is struck. How will your home stand up to the weather? What type of insulation is right for you? Which roofing material is best? These questions can make the construction process seem overwhelming, but it Read more

We all know a workman is only as good as his tools, but that principle is extended outwards in a radial fashion and applied to everything your business encompasses. For this reason, selecting your suppliers well is essential, to make sure every level of your functional approach is controlled and that surprises are few. For Read more

By Jay Peters, Principal Advisor, Codes and Standards International An interesting concept — and most people believe that’s the case — but is it a fact? In reality, the only real test that is effective has proven to be time itself. Many products have been introduced into buildings that were considered to be “the ultimate” building Read more