Taco, Inc. opens new manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic

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Taco Comfort Solutions’ new European arm, Taco Europe, has collectively joined the Taco Italia and Taconova brands to grow and expand its operations in Central Europe. To accommodate this expansion, Taco has built a new facility in the town of Boršov, Czech Republic.

The new plant produces high-performance circulators for heating, cooling and solar systems and heat interface units that provide domestic hot water and hydronic circulation. The strategic goal is to multiply production capacities to meet growing market demand.

“We are expanding our design and production capabilities of sustainable, energy-efficient products and technology,” explained Ralph Seewald, Managing Director of Taco Europe. “The new facility in Boršov adds to the fully-stretched capability we already have in Velešín and Garbe Park, CZ.”

The new plant in Boršov also includes a major European distribution center to streamline logistics, reduce lead times to the continental market and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

“The new Taconova facility in Boršov has excellent transport accessibility to Austria and Germany, and is also close to our plant in Velešín,” said Martin Marek, Managing Director of Taconova production.

“Taco Family of Companies believes that this investment in a new production plant in Boršov is the right and promising step to strengthen the market position of Taco in Europe and ensure long-term growth,” concluded Cheryl Merchant, CEO of Taco Family of Companies.

For decades, Taco Italia and Taconova have provided innovative engineering and highly efficient solutions throughout Europe. The areas of expertise include circulation pumps, hydronic balancing, valves and accessories, and surface heating technology.

The Taco Family of Companies is a global leader in comfort and efficiency in buildings. For over a century, Taco has been providing reliable and highly efficient solutions for the operation of heating, plumbing and solar systems in residential and commercial buildings that save money, energy, and natural resources while maximizing comfort and energy efficiency.

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