Stay Current On The Latest Butterfly Valve Industry News

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As a contractor in the building industry, you know how important it is to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news and product information. Having all of the most recent facts and figures in your back pocket will prove beneficial when discussing trends and business opportunities with other industry professionals.

One building and plumbing tool used across a wide variety of business categories is the versatile butterfly valve. It is used in anything from maritime services to refineries to restaurants and beyond. It is a workhorse in the industry, and the applications are seemingly endless. Stay current on what is available in butterfly valve features so that you will always know the right tool for the job. When discussing bids and contracts, having this knowledge will set you apart from the other contractors who are bidding for the same job.

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve

This type of valve is low maintenance and used primarily in shipbuilding. It also sees applications in several industries, such as HVAC, fire control, petrochemical, seawater, flue gas, and desulphurization. It is available in a variety of forms and a range of sizes to fit your needs. The Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve is made to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, depending upon the model selected.

Teflon Seated Butterfly Valve

This particular valve is uniquely designed to offer accuracy and longevity in service with a low operating torque. It is made in two styles with PTFO to maintain high cycle revolution precision. The Teflon Seated Butterfly Valve can be used in OEM, HVAC, seawater, fire control, food service, petrochemical, flue gas, chemical industries, and the list goes on.

Large AWWA Valve

The AWWA or American Water Works Association Valve is frequently used in the industrial and power plant industries. It is easy to work with as it is simple to change when needed. The AWWA comes in a variety of sizes optimized for a range of temperatures.

Pneumatic Valve Actuators

This valve is designed to work well in extreme conditions. It is both waterproof and weatherproof, and it can handle significant temperatures. The Pneumatic Valve Actuators are used in the oil and gas industry in addition to the food and drug manufacturing industries. 

High-Performance Double Offset Butterfly Valve

These valves truly are high-performance as they can handle constant exposure to significant weather. It can be used in oil and gas industries, pulp and paper, HVAC, shipbuilding, and power generation, among other applications. It has a broad range of sizes available with a considerable range of heat tolerance offerings.

Triple Offset Butterfly High-Performance Valve

This valve is unique in that it is also a bi-directional valve. It stands out as it offers seat-in-the-body, a fire-safe rating, and bubble-tightness. Triple Offset Butterfly High-Performance Valves are used in extreme areas. They can be installed in oil, gas, and chemical industries and withstand a wide temperature range.

Stay in the know to run a smarter business and a better business. Go to the experts in butterfly valve production for a professional product and a professional experience every time. Your clients will notice.

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