Single mother and children facing water shortage in North Carolina gifted well upgrades through HometownH2O program

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Partnership between Xylem, Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys initiative and Water Well Trust brings clean water access to Goldston family

Jessica Sales and her three children in Goldston, North Carolina, will have secure access to safe and reliable water next week, thanks to a recent collaborative effort. Xylem Inc., the Water Well Trust (WWT) and Waterboys –  a charity initiative founded by two-time Super Bowl Champion, Chris Long – provided a comprehensive upgrade with all necessary equipment and installation for drilling a new well and building a pump house. Additionally, project partners contributed by installing a front door screen, placing pavers and planting flowers and shrubs. Local distributor Hughes Supply Pinehurst, well driller W.W. Maness & Sons Inc Well Drilling, pump installer Clearwater Solutions and the Vinyl Institute, which donated PVC piping material, all donated their time and services to complete the project.

“Being involved in this project to provide the Sales family with reliable water access is incredibly meaningful for us. As a family business that’s been around since 1950, we take great pride in giving back to our community,” said Chris Maness, W.W. Maness & Sons Inc Well Drilling. “This project highlights the importance of ensuring that everyone has access to clean water, especially in areas where it can be difficult to find. We’re dedicated to using our expertise to make a positive impact. Having our entire team on-site ensures that we can get the job done right to support this family in need.”

Sales is a certified nursing assistant working at two hospitals and single mother of three. Prior to the well upgrades, she experienced a severe water shortage due to the failure of their home’s 38-year-old well, drilled in 1986. Despite multiple repairs, the well continued to run dry every morning since Sales first purchased the property in 2021. As a result, the family, including Devan (17), Asia (14) and Jayviann (6), struggled to meet their daily needs with only 30 jugs of water on hand, insufficient for basic hygiene and laundry. This crisis was especially challenging as one of Sales’ children has epilepsy, requiring consistent care, and making their life increasingly difficult without a reliable water source.

“After being in the house for a month or so, I started having issues with the water going out and the well running dry. My family and I have been struggling, sometimes having water and other times going weeks without it. We’ve had to rely on friends and family for basic needs like showering, laundry and washing dishes,” said Sales, WWT beneficiary. “The support from the Chris Long Foundation and partners is a tremendous blessing that has lifted a huge burden off our shoulders. We are incredibly grateful.”

The Sales family’s well upgrade marks the 17th HometownH2O project, an extension of its domestic water initiative working alongside WWT and Xylem to provide clean, sustainable water to communities in need. Water scarcity issues currently leave more than 2.2 million Americans without access to clean water, making this joint effort between Long, his Foundation’s Waterboys initiative and Xylem a vital resource for families across the country.

“Being on-site and witnessing the transformation that clean water access brings to the Sales family is truly inspiring. At Xylem, our mission is to solve water challenges and partnering with the Water Well Trust and the Chris Long Foundation’s Waterboys initiative enables us to do just that,” said Susan O’Grady, senior director of marketing, building services and agriculture, Xylem. “Seeing the relief and gratitude of the Sales family reinforces the importance of our work and motivates us to continue bringing sustainable water solutions to those in need.”

“Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental right that no family should have to go without. Our collaboration with Xylem, Water Well Trust and other partners on this project has been incredibly rewarding,” said Chris Long, founder of the Chris Long Foundation. “Seeing the positive impact it has on the Sales family reinforces our commitment to bringing lasting water solutions to those in need. Through our HometownH2O program, we are changing lives here at home, one well at a time.”

Xylem, in conjunction with its Goulds Water Technology brand, is engaged in regular water well initiatives to provide secure water access to rural areas, striving to increase public awareness of the challenges surrounding lack of water access. For more information about the Chris Long Foundation’s HometownH2O projects, visit

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