Should You Rent or Buy a Generator for the Jobsite?

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No matter what kind of job sites you run, having a power source for the work you do should be a top priority. However, each workplace and job site is different. And whether you should rent or buy your generator might be a very specific choice that you need to make for your business.

Wherever you are in your journey with your business and equipment, there are pros and cons both to renting and buying, and each serves businesses in its own way. Here’s your guide to the pros and cons of renting or buying a generator for your job sites.

Pros of Renting

If you’re considering renting a generator, there are a few reasons why that might be the right choice for you.

For starters, renting a generator is a much cheaper initial investment than buying, so it’s great for businesses that are just starting out or are working with a limited budget. You also don’t have to worry about maintenance and upkeep, which can be great for those who don’t use generators often.

Cons of Renting

However, renting a generator isn’t the perfect option for everybody, specifically because if you use it frequently, it might become more expensive than simply buying one. Additionally, if you rent a generator every time you need one, you may not be able to adjust to the different types and how they work.

If you want a standby generator, for example, which offers near-constant power on a consistent basis, buying might be the best option for you so you don’t need to go through any hassle to get the power you need.

Pros of Buying

If you’re leaning towards buying, there are a few advantages that it might be pertinent to know about. Specifically, you can make a larger investment that pays off more from consistent use than renting and save money in the long run.

But beyond the financial benefits, there are other pros to owning rather than renting a generator. For instance, you have more control and consistency with the model you choose, you have the option to have your own staff handle maintenance, and you have more control over power availability.

Cons of Buying

Of course, there are both pros and cons to everything, even owning a generator for your job site. The initial investment might not be seen as a con overall to some, but for businesses that don’t have the capital to invest yet, it might be a bit much to stomach.

Additionally, purchasing the equipment puts you on the hook for maintenance and commits you and your staff to one model and brand, which might not be great for those who are just starting out or if you find yourself taking a variety of job types or wishing for a wider range of tools.

Which One Is Right for You?

When deciding whether you should buy or rent a generator for your job sites, there are quite a few factors you can consider to make your decision. From the initial investment to the maintenance and upkeep, each business and site will be different and demand different things. Ultimately, the decision is all yours!

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