RHEEM® Heat Pump Surpasses the U.S. Department of Energy’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge

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After undergoing extensive testing by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Rheem®, a global manufacturer of HVACR and water heating products, was honored to be acknowledged for its exemplary performance in the Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge.

Focused on residential, centrally ducted, electric-only heat pumps, the DOE’s Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge assessed heat pump performance in the Canadian and northern US climate, where temperatures can get much colder than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Following testing, it was determined that Rheem’s residential heat pump had delivered outstanding results in the challenge.

Rheem has a legacy of developing state-of-the-art heat pump technology. With a variety of leading products already in market, Rheem improved its existing innovative design to deliver 5% higher COP during heating at 5 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature than the DOE challenge specification, making it ideal for heating homes in the targeted climate regions. The Rheem heat pump also performed at a 9% higher HSPF2 than the DOE challenge specification, highlighting the unit’s incredible efficiency.

The DOE launched the Residential Cold Climate Heat Pump Technology Challenge to accelerate development and commercialization of next-generation heat pumps by supporting American innovation and manufacturing. The DOE recognized the need for an efficient heating and cooling system based on updated state and federal policies and the growing demand for decarbonization. Rheem has always been at the forefront of sustainability efforts, especially since announcing its “A Greater Degree of Good” initiative, and has made notable progress toward the 2025 sustainability goals which encompass intelligent products, responsible processes and inspired people.

“Rheem is committed to making a difference with the products we create, and our sustainability efforts know no bounds,” said Jeff Goss, Director, Product Management, at Rheem. “We were not surprised that our team of dedicated, innovative engineers at Rheem developed a residential heat pump that was able to provide 77 percent of nominal heating capacity at −15 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature and provided uninterrupted heating operation at −23 degrees Fahrenheit ambient temperature surpassing expectations and delivering top quality performance.”

Heating and/or cooling a home, along with water heating, account for 40% of the primary energy consumption in buildings in the United States and are a major source of carbon emissions.  As Rheem’s heat pumps run on electricity, they reduce the need for natural gas, making them an ideal solution for homeowners to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency.  Heat pumps are more efficient than electric resistance heating, and Rheem’s heat pump needs less supplementary heating due to its improved performance in cold ambient temperatures. Together, these elements, and their ability to function at a wider range of ambient temperatures, make them a more sustainable heating option.

To learn more about Rheem’s innovation pipeline, including its full line of cost-effective, eco-friendly products, visit Rheem.com.

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