Press pipe-joining provides valuable savings on potable water installation at Mercy Health – West Hospital

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Nelson Stark used Viega ProPress® to install the plumbing for the construction of Mercy Health – West Hospital in Cincinnati. Plumbers installed a combination of Viega ProPress for stainless pipe and fittings with Viega ProPress copper fittings as well as transition fittings for potable water at the medical facility.

“The project called for 3″ and 4″ mains from the mechanical room, down the halls and up the entire building tower. From the mains into each room we installed copper tubing and fittings in 2″ and smaller,” said Todd Elliot, Project Executive at Nelson Stark.

Nelson Stark selected Viega ProPress for the plumbing installation because the system is flameless and can be installed simultaneously with other utilities since there’s no need for welding or grooving equipment. Overall, the plumbing install required more than 3,800ˈ of large-diameter 316 stainless steel pipe and approximately 900 Viega ProPress stainless steel fittings as well as approximately 7,500 Viega ProPress copper fittings and valves.

“Our customer saved on costs by having fewer hours of labor and using cost-effective stainless, but they will also save on future maintenance costs by using Viega ProPress because it allows repair work to be completed with little or no shutdown time,” said Mike Wells, Project Superintendent at Nelson Stark.

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