NIBCO Tailpiece Pipe Joining Component

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NIBCO Tailpiece Pipe Joining Component, plumbingNIBCO Inc. announced the launch of our new tailpiece (PC634) pipe joining component. This product is designed for use in multiple applications which include connecting to inlets or outlets for plumbing and mixing stations used to regulate radiant heating supply water temperatures.

“This launch continues our commitment to ongoing product development to help contractors and homeowners take advantage of high-quality products and over 100 years of innovation in the joining industry,” said Marilyn Morgan, Senior Product Manager. “The PC634 tailpieces are a superior choice for pipe joining in heating systems as well as baseboard and fan coil applications.”

Other applications for the tailpieces include use with mixing valves, diverting valves and other plumbing devices or equipment in potable water and heating systems requiring a straight thread union connection.

NIBCO press fittings are made with 100% North American pure copper which is a premium, proven and preferred material for plumbing and mechanical applications. Manufactured in our Stuart’s Draft, Virginia facility, the tailpieces are convenient to use and part of our commitment to high-quality flow control products and manufacturing services.

Tailpieces (PC634) are third party certified to ASME B16.51, UPC and PS-117.