New Irrigation Valve Makes Winterization Easy

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PRIER Products, Inc., a leading manufacturer of brass plumbing products, launched another unique product today. The new irrigation valve, P-6IV comes with a built-in elbow that swivels to allow for easy installation and reduced cost for extra parts. It’s also designed with the homeowner and contractor in mind that allows servicing from the exterior of the structure, rather than entering the residence.

Most installations require the contractor to enter the home to drain down the system for winterization. The new valve from PRIER can be accessed from the outside, which means the homeowner doesn’t need to be home or provide access to the contractor for annual servicing.

“The new irrigation valve is another one of our innovations to our full line of exterior plumbing products,” said Research and Development Manager, Scott Brady. “Our engineering team worked hard to perfect the design which has similar characteristics to another one of our top-of-the-line valves.”

The heavy-pattern cast brass hydrant with a nickel-plated body looks attractive, resists corrosion and should last the life of the plumbing system when installed correctly. The valve also offers a patented triple-seal positive shutoff system. The triple-check assures shutoff.

“We’re excited to launch this new irrigation valve. The innovative design makes installation and servicing easier for contractors and homeowners alike,” said President, Nick Manning. “This is one of several new products in development this year.”

The new P-6IV is available in 12 lengths to suit a wide range of installation needs across the United States and Canada.

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