Neutra-Safe Introduces New Condensate Neutralizing Pump

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Neutra-Safe introduces its new NSP-50 condensate neutralizing pump for improved reliability, ease of installation and service, and space savings in the mechanical room.

The NSP-50 combines the functions of two accessories into one; high-efficiency gas appliance condensate neutralization and condensate pumping in one easily-maintained accessory. It is sufficient for appliances with input capacities up to 500,000 BTU/h.

A transparent chamber top is provided for effortless visual inspection of the neutralizing chamber. The cover snaps on and off for easy replacement of neutralization media, which is contained in a disposable fabric sack for quick, simple recharging.

To save labor and material costs where both acidic and non-acidic condensate needs to be disposed of, the unit can accommodate more than one appliance. The NSP-50 features separate inlets for acidic condensate and non-acidic condensate. This allows the installer to use one device in place of two or more where both a gas-fired appliance and air conditioning unit may need to be drained.

The built-in pump is the popular and robust Little Giant VCMA series. This pump is known within the industry for its reliability.

Reducing the number of accessories needed in the mechanical room not only saves space, but also mitigates the risks of product failure, improper installation and negligent service.