Milwaukee Tool unveils the latest addition to that line – SHOCKWAVE™ Locking Bit Holders in sizes 2-7/8″ to 18″

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As impact tools continue to gain momentum in the industry, and the available offerings have more power and more speed control than ever before, Milwaukee Tool is proud to be on the forefront of accessory solutions that deliver extreme durability for the most demanding tools and applications with our SHOCKWAVE™ impact duty accessories.

And now, we’re proud to unveil the latest addition to that line – SHOCKWAVE™ Locking Bit Holders in sizes 2-7/8″ to 18″.

When searching for a way to hold a bit securely in place during fastening applications, many users turn to a c-ring bit holder with an internal clip that holds the bit. Unfortunately, c-ring designs don’t create as secure a lock as needed in certain applications. For years manufacturers have tried to solve that problem through an array of locking bit holder designs, but each came with trade-offs. Some sacrificed size for more magnetism, while others have created compact designs with a good amount of magnetic transfer but with less durability.

The new SHOCKWAVE™ Locking Bit Holders are the most durable and strongest locking bit holders – without the trade-offs.

Each Bit Holder’s auto locking design allows it to fit all inserts and ¼” hex bits.  These new Bit Holders feature 2 magnets to maximize magnetic transfer and holding power to the fastener versus the typical single magnet most locking bit holders on the market are designed with. Their smaller profile and a Quick Release Collar also provide for easy one-handed bit changes. And just like all SHOCKWAVE™ impact duty accessories, each feature an optimized Shockzone™ geometry to provide up to 30x longer life and absorb 3x more torque to prevent from breakage.

Available Now!

SHOCKWAVE™ Locking Bit Holder Models

2-7/8″: 48-32-4531 ($8.97)

6″: 48-32-4532 ($10.97)

12″: 48-32-4533 ($13.97)

18″: 48-32-4534 ($16.97)

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