Machinery Maintenance: 3 Ways To Extend Lifespan

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Machinery requires continuous care and attention for it to continue working at an optimal level. Just because machinery is large, heavy and oftentimes made out of stainless steel, doesn’t mean that it is indestructible. You have to log how many hours a machine has been used, what kind of task it was doing, when parts were replaced, etc. In order to get the most ROI out of your machinery, you have to consider preventative breakdown steps that will anticipate when the machine is under high stress and when it needs to be given a maintenance inspection. Here are some things you can do to extend the machinery lifespan.

Training is the key

Misuse of machinery is the number one cause for machines breaking down or needing parts replaced earlier than expected. Even if your employees are great at what they do, you need to always be on top of the training. Eventually, the manual of your machine will become obsolete as the techniques for getting the most out of the machine evolves on the manufacturing floor. However, each employee should remain educated on the most important parts of the manual. Doing manual tests every 6 months is a great way to keep your employees up to date on what the manual of their machine says, should a malfunction occur. 

Keep it smooth

Your machines need lubricants to function at the best level, but also, to keep your employees safe. A machine that is not lubricated is a danger as the parts in the midst of friction build-up unsafe levels of pressure. At the end of every working week, your managers should report the levels of lubrication in each machine, how many hours it has been working, what kind of tasks it has been used for, etc. Cold hard data will give you the information you need to know when a machine needs to be topped up with lubricant as well as, give rise to questions such as why one machine is lower than the rest? Try to stay up to date on the latest lubricants as well.

Cleaning regularly

Your machines do a lot of dirty tasks that will cause them to be filled with debris. However, it’s hard and maybe unsafe to wash the machines you use by hand. Instead of taking the machines apart to get a deep clean, use a pressure washing service like Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing. They use various solutions that can clean different materials, and they use nozzles that can get into crevices and another hand to reach spots. The hot water pressure wash is also safe as the cleaner is a few paces away from the machine. So if you have to open up the machine, perhaps into a precarious position, should something fall or shut, nobody is at risk of being seriously injured.

Keeping your machines working will keep your business functioning. Take care of your equipment and you’ll receive the full ROI and lifespan that you expected when you bought it.  

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