Keeping Your Machines Juiced Up and Ready to Roll

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If you run a building or trade business that relies on machinery for long enough, there might be one particular kind of problem that you get used to seeing pop up more often. We’re talking about the hassle of hopping into the driver’s seat, only to find that the battery has entirely run out of juice. If you’re not aware of some of the most common causes of battery failure, you will find them entirely drained more often than you should. But here is what you can do about it.

Mind your machine

In construction and other fields, you should expect a little dirt and debris to build up on your machines. There is nothing inherently dangerous or bad about that. However, you should clean them up if you’re putting them out of use for a time. That dirt, when left to rest over time, can cause moisture to build on the machine and moisture can be death for batteries, causing them to drain and even to leak, which can do permanent damage to the machines. As such, if you want to make your machines last longer, and your battery too, you need to clean them when they’re going out of use.

Keep a charger close by hand

Batteries drain over time slowly, even when they are not in use. As soon as you use a battery for the first time, it’s going to have a continuous drain. If you leave it near empty and don’t use it for a long time, the battery can empty entirely, and once the battery is empty, it loses its total potential charge, too. For that reason, keeping chargers like those from powRparts can be very helpful. You can ensure that your battery is never fully empty and thus able to keep more of its charge in general.

Top it up

Providing that the battery for a machine or vehicle doesn’t need electrolytes instead, you should be mindful to take a look at the water levels of each cell, seeing that it has enough. If it is running low, make sure you are adding distilled water as the minerals in other kinds of water can start to build up on the plates inside a battery, which can do damage to them over time.

Keep it safe and try

As mentioned, moisture can practically be death to a battery if it’s left to build up. As such, if you are leaving your vehicles unused for a very long time, you should make sure both the machine and the battery are kept out of the weather and out of the open air, where moisture can travel freely. You can take the batteries out, if possible, and leave them in a cool and dry storage box where they can be entirely safe. Large scale dehumidifiers like those from Alorair can help you keep peak conditions for battery maintenance, too.

Battery issues are common across all kinds of businesses that rely on machinery. Make sure you follow the tips above to prevent them in yours.

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