Industry-first Uponor ProPEX® Groove Fitting Adapters for PEX plumbing and hydronic piping systems

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Get into the (PEX) groove

It’s no secret. More and more commercial projects are going hybrid for their plumbing or hydronic piping applications. So if you need to transition from PEX to copper or PEX to stainless steel or PEX to black iron pipe, Uponor has the solution.

Targeted for commercial PEX plumbing and hydronic heating and cooling systems, Uponor’s industry-first ProPEX® groove fitting adapters provide direct copper tube size (CTS) or iron pipe size (IPS) connections transitioning from PEX to metal piping.

The complete offering, which is available in 2″, 2½” and 3″ sizes in lead-free (LF) brass, features Uponor’s durable, reliable ASTM F1960 ProPEX expansion connection system to allow designers and installers the ability to directly connect Uponor PEX piping to groove fittings and couplings.

The dimensions of the groove side of the fittings are designed to meet the CSA B242-05 standard for groove-type and shoulder-type mechanical pipe couplings. The fittings can be used to transition from black iron pipe (BIP), stainless steel or copper piping systems. To make a connection, simply use a ProPEX expansion tool and a groove coupling.

Best of all, the adapters offer pre-fabrication opportunities for potable or hydronic mechanical modules that can be shipped to the building site and set in place for easy connections from module to module. What could be better?

To learn more about this innovative solution, check out the product information sheet.

Uponor ProPEX Groove Fitting Adapters Product Image

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