Hailey Mick Named Incoming President of the ASHRAE Tennessee Valley Chapter

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GF Building Flow Solutions Americas (formerly Uponor North America), a global provider of Uponor-branded products, today announced that Hailey Mick, business development manager of Engineering Services, was recently selected as the incoming president of the ASHRAE Tennessee Valley Chapter. Her two-year term will begin on July 1, 2024.

ASHRAE, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, advances the arts and sciences of HVACR and their allied fields while striving to achieve a healthy and sustainable built environment for all. As a long-standing member, Hailey was voted in as president by the ASHRAE Board and will draw on the theme of “Building on Foundations, Empowering Today, and Shaping Tomorrow.”

According to Hailey, “Being actively involved in ASHRAE is crucial for driving advancements in HVAC and refrigeration systems. As the incoming local chapter president, I am committed to fostering innovation, sustainability, and professional development within our industry. Our collective efforts not only enhance the efficiency and performance of the built environment but also ensure that we are leading the charge in promoting environmentally responsible practices. Through collaboration and continued education, we can inspire the next generation of engineers and uphold the highest standards of excellence in our field.”

As president, Hailey will represent the Tennessee Valley Chapter at both regional and national conferences, leading with education to bring value to the industry and inspiring others to take the necessary steps to improve the built environment.

“We couldn’t be more excited for Hailey as she steps into this role with an organization that’s highly committed to sustainability and innovation,” says Matt Bahr, vice president of Sales at GF Building Flow Solutions Americas. “Hailey is uniquely suited for this role with a passion for protecting the environment, advancing the industry with a new way of thinking, and inspiring others along the way.”

To learn more about the ASHRAE Tennessee Valley Chapter, visit ashraetnvalley.org.

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