FabricAir Introduces Air Dispersion System for Multi-Tier Grow Industry Racks

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The FabricAir® Rack Flow System prevents microclimates within multi-tier racks and boasts the grow industry’s highest CFM/watt energy efficiency

FabricAir® Inc, Lawrenceville, Georgia, the original manufacturer of fabric HVAC duct, introduces the FabricAir Rack Flow System, the agricultural industry’s only air delivery system for multi-tier grow racks that doesn’t use sheet metal duct or plenums.

Rack Flow consists of fabric duct, high efficiency fans, variable speed controllers, and a suspension system of stainless steel cables and powder-coated mounting brackets. The system is designed for multi-tier cannabis growing as it delivers conditioned ambient air through the racking into the plant canopy to prevent yield-restricting microclimates.

Rack Flow is the only multi-tier rack air delivery system designed by an air distribution manufacturer. The lightweight system is adaptable to all rack brands and compatible with any lighting grid. FabricAir guarantees the grow industry’s highest CFM/watt efficiency. The system serves racks up to 64-feet-long.

Rack Flow ducts are supplied with conditioned ambient air from two high-efficiency, ETL-listed, Energy Star® fans. Growers can adjust the air flow to accommodate different stages of grow cycles. Fans come standard with variable speed digital controllers, are easily integrated with grow automation systems (GAS) and are compatible with feedback controls. Rack Flow’s fans are controllable using 0-10V or pulse wave modulation (PWM) formats. Rack Flow uses two premium antimicrobial, flame-retardant and durable fabric cloud ducts that span the length of the rack.

Rack Flow far outperforms all other rack air delivery systems because of the following advantages:

  • Uses a proprietary linear venting that produces uniform, predictable airflow and velocities
  • Doesn’t use metal plenums or ductwork that are labor intensive to install and clean
  • ECM Fans cut power consumption by up to half versus conventional AC fans
  • Fans conform to UL–507 and CSA C22.2 standards
  • Can be quickly disassembled, laundered and reassembled up to six times faster than conventional systems

Other benefits of Rack Flow are:

  • Environments, as reported by GAS sensors, can be modified or improved via variable speed fan capabilities
  • Mounting system is adaptable to hanging from sides or middle of the rack
  • Comes with easy-to-wire TRRS jacks/cables for connecting to the GAS or FabricAir provided controller
  • simple and quick installation

FabricAir also has extensive experience in overhead fabric air dispersion systems for delivering conditioned HVAC unit air for grow environments. FabricAir has been an international leader in HVAC fabric duct manufacturing for all building environments since 1973.

For more details on Rack Flow, visit www.//na.fabricair.com/en/rackflow. For more information on FabricAir duct products and accessories, visit www.fabricair.com, email sales-US@fabricair.com or contact customer and technical support departments at (502) 493-2210.

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