Customizable Bosch Bit Case

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The Bosch Custom Case System for Impact Tough™ bits offers better organization and customization features for trade professionals who demand best-in-class products that help them get the job done right.

The durable case provides tilt-in/tilt-out convenience for easy access to bits. This customizable organization system helps users increase productivity by reducing time spent searching for bits. Users also can take only the bits needed for a given job rather than the whole case because the Bosch Custom Case System has removable bit clips. The innovative system allows users to customize set configurations so they can make a set that fits the job and their specific requirements.

The Bosch Custom Case accommodates Bosch Impact Tough screw driver bits that deliver 10x the life versus standard impact bits. Impact Tough screw driver bits have an Xtended Torsion Zone to absorb torque peaks to reduce stress and breakage, and are engineered to accommodate today’s high-torque impact drivers. Torque stress at the impact point of the tip is transferred to the tension dissipation zone to ensure longer life. Bosch Impact Tough™ screw driver bits are precision machined for better fit in the tool and better fit delivers more torque to the bit, reduces slippage and contributes to bit life. Better fit in the tool delivers less breakage and better performance.

The Bosch Custom Case can be used with Bosch Impact Tough black oxide drill bits as well. Bosch black oxide bits offer superior durability, speed and can be used for a variety of general purpose drilling applications. These bits offer quality drilling in everything from metal and wood to plastic and composite materials.


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