IAQ and Plumbing Enhances a Productive Office

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The modern office layout aims to improve productivity, creativity, cooperative teamwork, and even job satisfaction. Office designers are no stranger to color and shape psychology, mixing elements to create a mindful workplace. Blue is a popular choice for B2B companies that provide professional services, for instance. Yellow and purple can often be spotted in creative communication and marketing agencies. On the other hand, red and gray typically belong in the engineering and mechanical sectors. Green is a favorite for everything environmental and health-focused. Additionally, open space layouts can also make a massive difference as they bring together the team and the overall décor. 

Typically, when a company is considering an office remodel, the first point of contact is a professional interior designer. Yet, to really incorporate a productive office, beyond layout, new colors or design elements, it may be best to dig into improvements that would be more meaningful to employees. 

Manage indoor air pollution

Air pollution has been linked with premature death and poor health. Companies are, of course, dedicated to creating a safe work environment for their employees by reducing indoor pollution. Manufacturers and specialists who handle highly toxic products are familiar with professional ventilation systems. But that doesn’t mean the standard office place is safe in comparison. Indeed, indoor air pollution is also present in the typical office, capturing VOC, dust, and even traffic fumes depending on the location. Gradually, even mild air pollution can affect concentration, creativity, and productivity. In offices, managing frequent air filter replacement is a no-brainer. It is especially important when businesses have just remodeled their workplace, as you want filters to capture all VOC emitted by fresh paints and furniture. Additionally, it’s worth reminding your clients that filter check and replacement are part of the maintenance routine for their HVAC systems. HVAC systems can drive up to 41% of the total U.S. energy use; therefore, it’s essential to make business owners aware that good maintenance is also in their financial interest. 

A sophisticated restroom

Did you know that most people have some of their most creative ideas in the shower? In an office environment, the shower is not an option. Yet, the restroom can be an adequate replacement. The brain is a curious thing that tends to connect thoughts when you are relaxed. As such, the toilet is an often-overlooked space for creativity. A sophisticated office bathroom can bring creativity and productivity to the next level. Indeed, clean, elegant, spacious designs can set up the relaxing ambiance people need to boost their brainpower. 

Creating a welcoming climate

According to studies, the brain is at its most productive in an environment where the temperature is regulated between 70 and 78 degrees. Students perform better in a regulated climate. It is fair to say that the same principle applies to the workforce inside an office. Professionals who work in an environment that is too hot or too cold are less likely to be productive. Human biology constantly evaluates priorities based on your current environment. If the temperature is below 70 or above 78 degrees, the brain will receive less energy as the body needs to regulate its temperature as a priority. 

Office remodeling is a popular project and it can be the perfect time for mechanical, plumbing, and engineering companies to reach out to their clients to discuss the advantages of upgrading the HVAC, heating, and plumbing. When it comes to creating the perfect team of employees, comfort is not optional. 

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