Bradford White ElectriFLEX™

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eflex_hd_COMELECT_IMG_0020_2Bradford White Water Heaters recently introduced ElectriFLEX HD (Heavy Duty) field convertible commercial electric water heaters. The new ElectriFLEX™ HD models join the ElectriFLEX™ LD (Light Duty) and ElectriFLEX™ MD (Medium Duty) products to complete the full line of Bradford White convertible commercial electric water heaters.  

ElectriFLEX™ HD water heaters are ETL Certified and can be converted quickly on-site to provide a commercial application solution for almost any situation. In addition to phase convertibility, the ElectriFLEXHD model offer twelve different convertible wattages from 6kW to 54kW and six convertible voltages, including 208V, 240V, 277V, 380V (Canada), 480V, and 600V.

With the appropriate kit, conversions are made easily, allowing a single model to solve multiple installation requirements. The number of voltage and wattage conversion kits has been kept to a minimum while still allowing for the maximum number of configurations.

Available in immersion thermostat models, ElectriFLEX HD models are top quality, ruggedly built, dependable and can easily convert to your exact requirements. They’re available in 50, 80, and 119-gallon capacities giving professionals the solution to any installation challenge.

The ElectriFLEX HD models are perfect for nearly all new or replacement commercial applications, including hotels, apartments, hospitals, restaurants, and office buildings. They all feature the Hydrojet® Sediment Reduction System and Bradford White’s durable Vitraglas® tank lining to ensure long lasting, top performance.

Bradford White Water Heaters is one of the Bradford White Corporation family of companies that also includes Laars Heating Systems, Bradford White – Canada, and Niles Steel Tank. Bradford White Water Heaters is located in Middleville, MI and is a full line manufacturer of residential, commercial and industrial products for water heating, space heating, combination heating and storage applications.

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