Bradford White eF Series® water heater

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Bradford White - eF Series® condensing power vent water heaterBradford White recently introduced eF Series® condensing power vent water heaters for use in residential and light duty commercial applications. These high efficiency, power vent water heaters combine a thermal efficiency of over 90% and a high recovery to deliver an impressive amount of usable hot water.

The new eF Series® water heaters (Residential ‐ RC2PV50H6N, Light Duty ‐ LC2PV50H763N) utilize a proven operational design that features the Bradford White ICON SystemTM intelligent control valve and traditional burner configuration. A vertical, dual‐pass heat exchanger system eliminates the corrosion protection challenges associated with condensing water heaters that utilize other designs. A 5‐inch primary heat exchanger tube delivers heat and combustion gases to three 2‐inch secondary heat exchanger tubes that are coated and lined with Bradford White’s Vitraglas® enamel formula, fully protecting the area where corrosive condensate forms. Internal baffling of both the primary and secondary heat exchanger tubes maximizes heat transfer.

Residential and light duty commercial eF Series® models use inside air for combustion, and therefore, only a single wall penetration for venting is necessary. They offer great flexibility with long vent lengths and the ability to vent with 2″, 3″, or 4″ PVC, ABS, CPVC, or PP. Other features include a powerful and quiet blower motor and a self‐priming condensate tee that eliminates the need for trap installation. The new eF Series® water heaters are available in both natural gas and propane with a 50‐gallon capacity and an input of 76,000 BTU/Hr.

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