Aspen Manufacturing Introduces New Air Handlers for Manufactured Housing Installations

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Aspen Manufacturing, LLC (Aspen), one of the largest independent manufacturers of evaporator coils and air handlers for the residential and commercial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) marketplace in the United States and Canada, announces the introduction of the new AED and AEU family of electric heat air handlers designed for manufactured housing installations.

The new upflow and downflow AED/AEU air handlers are designed and engineered for optimal performance in air conditioning and heat pump applications. These units stand out with their one-piece cabinet design, offering reduced weight and increased rigidity. With a low-leakage cabinet design and a larger coil area, they accommodate high-efficiency (taller) evaporator coils, meeting performance requirements in copper and aluminum tube coil designs while maintaining overall cabinet dimensions. These new units are AHRI certified with all major OEM condenser brands, meet the requirements of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) 25C rebates, and come with a five-year limited warranty with registration.

Additional features and benefits of the new and enhanced AED/AEU units include:

  • One-piece cabinet, reducing time and effort when converting airflow orientation in the field
  • Option for field-installed or factory-installed heat kits available
  • Rail-mounted blower assembly is easily removed for service
  • Electrical access on both sides of the cabinet
  • Redesigned control panel for improved interface to wiring and components
  • Sloped coil shelf for optimal condensate management

“At Aspen, we’re constantly working to develop new products and to enhance our existing products to ensure that we offer customers the highest quality possible,” said Riley Archer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Aspen. “The new AED/AEU units offer outstanding features for easier installation, enhanced operation, and routine maintenance.”

Order dates and lead times for the new AED/AEU units are available from your local Aspen sales representatives.”

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