2016 IBS Show: Viega goes purple

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Day 1 one of the combined Kitchen & Bath/International Builders’ Show (KBIS/IBS) Show is in the books and the event, once again did not disappoint. Other than the barking dogs by show’s end, everyone I talked with agreed that the traffic and interest in the show was very satisfying.


The first day of the show took the Mechanical Hub team to the Builders’ floor specific to our niche where we met with PEX manufacturers, PVF companies, boiler & water heating companies, including tankless and some HVAC suppliers.

Stopping off at the Viega booth, the Hub team learned that Viega is now producing purple PEX piping for water reclamation. ViegaPEX tubing for reclaimed water has the highest rating for chlorine and is available in ½”, ¾” and 1″ sizes. With the same 25-year warranty as ViegaPEX tubing, new ViegaPEX purple PEX tubing for reclaimed water comes to the market with the trust that professionals have already established with Viega. All Viega tubing is quality controlled, with the resin being manufactured by Viega.


“This product addition meets industry demands and diversifies Viega’s portfolio,” said Jeff Courtney, product director, plastics systems at Viega. “There is a growing demand for smart plumbing options and Viega has always been on the forefront of innovation, so adding ViegaPEX tubing for reclaimed water is a natural evolution for us.”

ViegaPEX tubing for reclaimed water can aid a home in receiving LEED® or National Green Building Standard™ points. Installation of the new tubing alongside other Viega PureFlow® solutions is seamless with system-matched tools and jaws.

The process of water reclamation varies, however, often after collection water is run through an in-home filtration system, and then is then reused in other areas of the home such as laundry, toilets and irrigation systems. Purple is the standard color of tubing for reclaimed water lines. According to 2012 EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse, the use of recycled water in lieu of imported water for replenishing the groundwater has saved tens of millions of dollars a year in water purchases.


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