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Just a little over a year ago I wrote a blog here on The Hub titled Plumbing & HVAC Blogs Suck. My take on blogs intended to promote our contracting services to existing and potential clients is that many of us should take aeric aune 2 step back and evaluate just how we are going about it. I feel the same about the use of social media as a form of marketing our businesses. Including things such as political viewpoints, willingly wishing ill will on competing contractors or the use of profanity in either a blog post on your company website or in a post on Facebook will likely produce the opposite effect your wishing for. Unless of course you would rather turn business away before it come calling, in that case congratulations it’s probably working.

I admit my own business blog is lacking in frequency of posts. In fact, I haven’t posted in a very long time and I have set a personal goal of getting back on track to posting regularly by the end of the year; that is one way to increase traffic to your company website when linked to or hosted there. After all, I enjoy reading a handful of plumbing and heating related blogs by others in the industry on a regular basis not only for their interesting content but also because of the frequency of fresh information the authors are sharing with us.  I have included three of them here, take a quick look if you’d like.

Each of the following blogs appeals to me for their own reasons; friends of mine in the plumbing and heating industries write two of them: John Barba and Allie Perez. The third is written by and marketed via a plumbing contractor referral service. Each has a different style and focus, all share a common goal, which is to inform the reader and build the writers brand. Sharing advice and experience is just one way to show the human side of our business. Offering information in a blog format will get you in front of the nearly 70% of consumers who first look online to learn more about a business that is referred to them before making the decision to buy. Are you building your brand for the potential 70%?

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