Wohler’s analyzer featured at stove challenge

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Wohler’s SM 500 Suspended Particulate Analyzer helped judges during the Wood Stove Design Challenge, organized by the Alliance for Green Heat, from November 15-19 in Washington, DC. Wohler’s SM 500 is the world’s first multi-functional analyzer for wood-fired appliances and played an integral role in the competition.

Peter Cullen demonstrates the SM 500 Suspended Particulate Analyzer.

Peter Cullen demonstrates the SM 500 Suspended Particulate Analyzer.

Wohler’s SM 500 uses brand new technology that makes emissions testing for small, solid-fuel appliances more efficient. The traditional dilution tunnel test procedure is time consuming and costly. Wohler’s SM 500, however, provided judges with the perfect solution, giving them quick and accurate readings as they tested 12 wood stoves throughout the competition.

Rebecca Trojanowski of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory stated that without Wohler’s SM 500, “the emission measurement component of this challenge would have been nearly impossible. This new technology, born from many years of development, provided us with exciting new tools for this competition.”

Wohler’s SM 500 measured total suspended particulate matter in flue gas, O2, and CO, as well as draft and stack temperature.

“Wohler’s SM 500 is an example of our continued commitment to developing technology to meet our customers’ needs,” says Peter Cullen, Wohler’s Chief Operating Officer. “Wood use is becoming more popular for home heating and Wohler’s SM 500 will ensure that wood stoves and boilers meet EPA emissions standards, protecting both homeowners and the environment.”


Wohler’s SM 500 will be available to the US market in early 2014.

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