Why the Emergence of the Healthier Home represents a Big Opportunity for HVAC Dealers

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Across the home improvement industry, public sentiment regarding wellness and overall health is at an all-time high. The average person has access to more information than ever before, as well as products and services that play an instrumental role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Homeowners want to know their HVAC system is improving their indoor air quality, as they gain understanding of the connection between air quality and health. ©Trusty Joe

The HVAC industry is no exception to this shift in consumer sentiment, as homeowners demand HVAC solutions that not only are efficient and cost effective but also play a key part in ensuring a healthier indoor environment. Homeowners want to know their HVAC system is improving their indoor air quality, as they gain understanding of the connection between air quality and health.

This is where an HVAC professional can help explain the importance of a right-sized HVAC system equipped to provide quality airflow, indoor humidity management, and air filtration regardless of the season or climate.

The emerging healthy homes trend represents a huge opportunity for HVAC professionals who have access to complete comfort and air quality solutions.  There is a unique opportunity to explain how a healthier home is possible with an efficient HVAC system that filters small particulates in the 2.5-micron range out of the air, and monitors and controls humidity levels across the whole home. Small particles in this size range will escape basic filters and may be inhaled by occupants in the home, negatively affecting health.

When it comes to indoor humidity, very dry conditions can be problematic for one’s health and comfort and on the contrary, high humidity poses comfort and mold-growth risks as well. Dealers should walk homeowners through the process of why maintaining a happy medium (30-50% indoor relative humidity) is critical.

Highlighting the importance of improving a home’s indoor air quality opens the door to selling additional solutions to customers. The conversations are evolving beyond just the heating and cooling equipment, and instead educating homeowners in a way that points him or her in the direction of a healthier home.

Ideally, what an HVAC professional should focus on when selling a solution is arming their customers with the right information to ensure a healthier indoor environment. In doing so, homeowners will organically recognize the critical nature of an HVAC solution that considers their own health and wellness. Additionally, the HVAC professional can position themselves within the customer’s inner circle of trust by not pushing the sale, but instead learning about the homeowner and addressing the problems that can be solved with the right HVAC solution.

Over the next year, the healthier home trend is expected to grow and will continue playing a major role in the HVAC solutions that dealers can provide. This trend brings together the HVAC professionals and others in the home improvement and building ecosystem to inform and assist customers in creating a home with the best indoor air quality.

We can expect to see all players across the housing industry come together to set goals, talk about challenges, and ultimately deliver on a house that’s more comfortable, efficient, and healthier in order to serve this growing consumer demand. We’re looking forward to helping drive this innovation forward and help our HVAC professionals understand the key role they play in educating homeowners about the importance of indoor air quality and creating a healthier home.

Mike Topitzhofer is the National Business Development Manager – Building Science for American Standard. As a building science advocate through the HVAC manufacturer, he works to increase energy efficiency, comfort, long term durability and IAQ in homes.

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